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Getting the hang of Moodle

Incremental steps are being taken in figuring this Moodle platform out.  I used these kinds of learning tools at the last three places I have worked at.  I’ve worked with WebCT, Blackboard and Desire 2 Learn (D2L) my favorite is the last one. I find them very efficient. Once you, as the teacher and then the students, feel comfortable with what buttons to push, what lines to click, what to do in the new columns and widgets.  Finally, I was able to upload my students in the three different classes I’m currently teaching.  I will have them experiment with a discussion on a given topic, read some journal articles and hopefully I will have them figure out how to upload their written assignments.

Good to show my students today how to really create a convincing thesis statement.  One teacher sadly admitted that she had spent a LOT of money trying to learn how from native speakers of English. Yet after seeing a few of the powerpoints that I displayed on our classroom wall, she got it.  I love seeing the lightbulbs go off on my students.  You know how cartoons have a lightbulb next to the character in the text bubble.  I saw that today with a few students.  For others, it will take a little more practice and finding out that the Thesis Statement Builder is only good for discursive or problem/solution essays, it doesn’t work for ALL types of essays.

When talking about word count, I told them that they can find out how long their essays are by going under “Tools.” In Microsoft it is the fourth one down after “Spelling and Grammar” and “Language” and “Fix Broken text” then click “Word Count.”  It sure saves time to let the computer do the counting of words rather than doing it the old fashioned way.  Oh, there is SOOOO much to learn to make our computers more of our servants than our masters.

I need the IT guys help every now and then.  I will need some major help with my Apple computer, I just have not been totally sold on all its fancy features.  I wish I were, but then again, I understand how some of my teachers are reluctant to leave behind what they are familiar with.  All this takes time but I’m hoping with Moodle, that we ALL get the hang of it.  Happy Moodling!

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