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Today is everyone’s holiday, yesterday was our holiday too

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary, we met in Almaty, Kazakhstan on May 2, 1993 and were married the following year Dec. 24, 1994.  Seems like a LONG time ago but we made the 20 year mark after having lived in Kazakhstan, then Washington D.C. area, then Kyiv, Ukraine for about seven years.  Then in 2007 I started this “Kazakhnomad” blog in Almaty, Kazakhstan when we returned to live and teach in Kazakhstan again.  If you have never been to Kazakhstan, there are photos taken of this amazing country by a very professional photographer.  Check this URL out:

Today is everyone’s holiday for those who believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel. My husband and I went there 20 years ago on our honeymoon along with many other historic sites throughout Israel.  Yes, besides those who are Christian, many others celebrate this holy day of Christmas but they take the Christ out of OUR holiday by putting in Santa Claus and reindeer and jingle bells, etc.  It is as ludicrous as having chocolate bunnies and eggs for Easter but that is what people who are nonbelievers do.  They want to have a celebration about something so they chime right in with banal extras. They don’t REALLY believe they exist but they make up this fiction to feel good about something.

The sad part about what Christmas has become is that people give each other gifts and some of them are way too expensive and probably not even wanted by the receiver of the gift.  I suppose they are trying to replicate what God did in giving us His Son to die on the cross for our sins.  Jesus was born to die on the cross as a punishment.  We deserved what happened to Jesus because of our sin. Yes, I guess that is difficult for some people to absorb, they think the kids won’t understand it either or that it is too gory.  The truth of the matter is that many people throughout the world live in poverty and can fully relate to the story of Jesus’ parents being too poor to have a proper place to have a delivery of a child. Indeed, Jesus was born in a barn with animals in it.

The nonbelievers also think that the crucifying of Jesus is too horrible to tell young children so they bring in fluffy, white bunnies and color eggs instead.  When kids who are living in abject poverty learn about an innocent person being punished, they can probably relate…many kids are sold into slavery or treated terribly because of their living conditions and lack of education.  Therefore, it is deemed good news for these children to know about a Savior who loves them…loves them enough to die on the cross for them.

Well, I am about ready to wrap up another year regarding what I see, observe, know about Kazakhstan.  It isn’t so much these days after living away from this great country.  However, I have many people who still hit on this blog so I will keep it up.  You never know, I may be writing my book about Kazakhstan soon.  I may have some free time in the future that I will use to reveal in English about a little known country.  Almost as little known or maligned as the true Christmas story of Jesus birth which we celebrate today.

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Dec. 15 post, making it 1,501 blogs

I never know who I might meet over this blog either by e-mail or in person. I just encountered photos done by a very talented professional photographer who recently visited Kazakhstan. He captured some amazing outdoor photos of the beautiful panorama of Kazakhstan, in many ways it is still untouched.  It has been said that Kazakhstan was the original area of the Biblical Garden of Eden.  Yes, there used to be huge apples that were in the valleys and orchards in Kazakhstan before the Soviets took over.  Unfortunately, those kinds of apples are not as big or resplendent as they used to be.

Sadly some of the amazing places that the Kazakhs like to go to enjoy their own country’s beauty has been trashed with plastic bottles and other refuse that people just throw out when they are done with their picnics.  The Kazakhs need a campaign where everyone is responsible for picking up their own trash.  It hasn’t caught on yet.  If they hope to encourage tourism, the Kazakhs need to take better care of their country’s beauty.

Check out to see about 50 photos from presumably the southern part of Kazakhstan.  I recognized some shots from traveling there myself.  There was the singing sands which goes past Kazakhstan’s version of the Grand Canyon. There were pictures of areas where there had been a landslide south and east of Almaty where pine trees presumably now grew in a lake.  Many other lakes, perhaps also a photo in ancient Turkestan.  I could not read all the German in the notations but the pictures which shows off Kazakhstan are phenomenal.

I will assume that my blog readers will go directly to the above URL of David Koester. They will see the spectacular scenes he captured. So I don’t have to write much this 15th day of December, my 1,501 blog.  Besides I have final grades for my 85 composition students to work on.

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