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Dreams Realized (and Unrealized) Part II

See yesterday’s blog post to know how I was able to get these GREAT anecdotes from my Kazakh students…

Yessengeldy – I’m a person who loves sport till death. I used to do Judo, it is wrestling and I took part in these championships 3 times in my city and area.  To tell the truth, I didn’t succeed in them, but once I had a victory, I made a through on a main jppon.  It was a clear victory, people approved me, my friends were inciting: “Now it’s cool.”  This throw is called urivadzhe, one of my favorite ones.  So now I’m playing American football, soon we are going to have a game against Krygyzstan.  Yes, I’m glad about these sports events, but I should choose my position, whether linebacker or whether lineman.  I still can’t find my position maybe after watching the movie “Rudy,” I will choose.

Gaukhar D. – I have a dream that is unattainable for me now.  Maybe one day in the future I can make my dream come true, but I can’t do it right now even if I want it very much.  My dream is to be able to fly a plane, or in short, to be a pilot.  I want to have my own small and lovely plane where I can fly anywhere I want.  I like this feeling of freedom, when you are flying.  It makes you just feel like a bird.  I’m not afraid of heights and I want to fly.

Down side of dreams, unrealized dreams

Almas – My brother tried to enter an America’s MIT for three times, on the fourth year he graduated from another university, which is also very good.

Aizhan – I have never dreamed about that would be unattainable, I try to be realistic.  But I had a friend, who is 10 years older than me, who has been dreaming all his life to win something in a lottery, which I think is impossible.  And once he won a washing machine, which made him very happy.  But he never stops playing that, I think it’s crazy!

Diana – Every person has a dream, for someone it is good, for someone else it is not. I had a dream to become a cosmonaut, to go to the moon, but it was in my childhood.  Now I know that it was just a dream, not a good idea and not so real.

Ruslan – I had, no, I HAVE a dream to be a racer of Formula 1.  But, unfortunately, it is impossible to realize, because I have lost time, I should have been doing this sport from a very little age, but in future, I think I can have my own Formula 1 team, who knows…

Olzhas – My friend had a dream, he wanted to make his own time machine.  He saw it from a film and he really wanted to build it.  He very like this film with such machine.

Valerie – When I was small, I wanted to shoot from a gun, and this was an unattainable dream, because I couldn’t find these kind of sports by myself.  Parents didn’t allow me to do this because I am girl.  I wanted to be a master.  I didn’t attain this goal.

Aigerim O. – I had a dream to have my own flat at 18 or living in another city.  Now, when I’m living in another city with my aunt and sister, I don’t think that my dream was so clever, I really miss my home in Astana.  Independent life, adult life seems not so perfect as in childhood.

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