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Wildflowers Unknown to me in Kazakhstan

Queen Anne\'s lacebleeding heartpurple harebellswildrosescloverlupine

I love to try and identify wildflowers but some I’ve never seen before until our Saturday outing into the mountains several hours away from Almaty. Easy to pick out Queen Anne’s lace but with a pink hue. Also, wildroses and clover are ubiquitous the world over but the others have me stumped. One is like a stalky kind of bleeding heart, while another is a strange variation of harebells, I think the yellow are buttercups but I can’t be sure. Finally the purple one that looks like a legume could be a mix of a sweet pea or something else. Wish I had a wildflower book that might help me find out more about flowers native to Kazakhstan.

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New Day, New Way, New Tray

wild flowersToday I took a different route for my sunny morning walk and discovered a new way with lots of wildflowers.  The fresh, new day invited a cheery “Dobra utra” to the other 6:00 a.m. morning walkers and they responded in kind.  One imposing, Kazakh gentleman in athletic garb was walking very slowly said something else and laughed.  I must have fooled him with my very fluent greeting.  Or maybe he saw that I had picked up the pink rosebud from the path and made a joke about it.  Another older woman walking on the newly lad path looked like she could have been a sportswoman from many years back but now she walked with a limp.  The third disciplined early riser had a swifter gait and she responded “Good Morning” in Russian to me too.  But the trick thereafter was to pick paths that I wouldn’t have to say “hello” again to these same three walkers.  My vocabulary doesn’t extend beyond saying, “Yes, I know these are NOT flowers, just weeds.”  “Oh, you say it is illegal to pick them anyway?”  “That’s fine, because I think I’m allergic to one of them.” 

What I gathered in my little bouquet was some pink clover, a mum that looked at first glance like common fleabane, some kind of hot pink lupine or sweet pea looking vine and a blue kind of aster.  The one that is probably allergy ridden is the one I’ve never seen before, it is a tall stalk with both purple and blue little flowers and spikey kind of pods.  Painful to pick so I won’t do THAT again.  I had to show off my new tray that I just bought from some friends who are leaving Almaty.  I can’t wait to get my new little Casio electronic piano once they depart in mid-June.  Such is the start of my new day!

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