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Delay and procrastinate…name of game

1954 Ameel with Ford pickup and presentsI took about three hours, maybe more to clean out my bay window of plants, clean the pots, transplant about four others that needed better planters and cleaned other things.  Now I have the debris out and I want to look at it from my table where I have my laptop set up.

However, I am delaying and procrastinating what clean up job needs to happen next.  I have my whole dining room table filled with pictures that I have sorted and also about 7-8 boxes worth of albums from both sides of the family waiting to be stored somewhere…Anywhere but where they are sitting now.

Unfortunately, that means I have to clean my upstairs closets in order to put these very old, vintage photos and pictures away.  I don’t have children to hand this down to so really I should have siblings with kids take on these pictures.  However, I LOVE old pictures and the stories they tell.  On Facebook I have different people looking at the cars and giving their opinions about the old type cars, never mind that they also show my dear grandpas from both sides.

After I do this blog, then I will turn to the inevitable and I will have the satisfying feeling of a clean, new room that is freshly cleaned and ready for company.  We will have some of my husband’s friends come in a month to visit him.  That means we have to get some of the newly inherited double beds up into the bedrooms upstairs that have a single bed and another small futon.

Domino affect, I have to clean out those closets in order to put the boxes I’m getting organized here in the dining room. NEVER ends!  Okay, that is why it is good to take a picture of the sunsets and that is what I did on the first day of spring. Many people on Facebook really liked one in particular.  1942 Glen on Trixie

Back to work…as much as I would love to continue with my delay and procrastinating ways.

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