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Slavery Footprint Survey and Bold New Idea

If you haven’t taken the slavery footprint survey yet, I highly recommend it.  This survey was just launched several days ago. Each of the ten questions has facts and statistics next to it to drive home the point about slavery. Did you know about children in Pakistan working on brick kilns? Or 200,000 Indian children working on carpets in Uttar Piradesh?  Then there is the shrimping industry or children working in mica mines (so we can have sparkles in our makeup). Rubies in Burma and teakwood industry.  What about coltan mining in Congo or the 1.4 million children who slave away in the cotton fields in Uzbekistan?  All this you find out when you answer the following questions.

1. Where do you live? (name your country and type in your zipcode)

2. Gender and age?

3. Children? (you can bypass this question if you have an empty nest)

4. What’s under your roof? (describe how many bedrooms, bathrooms and cars in the garage)

5. What’s on your plate?

6. What’s in your medicine chest?

7. Jewelry?

8. What’s your relationship with electronic devices? (about five choices from “novice or regular Joe all the way to hard-wired gamer)

9. Sporting goods?

10. What’s in your closet? (they start out assuming you have 50 jeans, 50 tops, 50 dresses, etc.)

11. How many times have you paid for sex? (you don’t have to answer that one but it gives the statistics of how many children and women are used for this industry)

You can finetune each score to your question but I came out at having 22, which means I answered the question: “How many slaves work for you?” I would like to get my score down to zero of course but then I suppose I wouldn’t be able to use my computer anymore.  Little hands have worked on the intricacies of this unit that I’m typing on right now.  How much were they paid to assemble this Mac?

On an entirely different note, I’d like to write about a bold new idea the abolitionist ladies in MN have come up with.  We are starting a campaign to collect old greeting cards and Christmas cards and we will call it “Card-Again.”  Think of the play on words like a “cardigan” sweater warming those in shelters. We plan to gather on one day to use stamps, ribbons, buttons, doo-dads to refurbish old cards to sell.  We would donate the money we make to those victims of human trafficking who are in Minnesota.  The monies would go to Not For Sale, an organization that started four and a half years ago.  They have quite a website that you should take a look at.  They do not have information about Kazakhstan on their map showing where shelters are.  We know they exist there because we are working on getting money we raised through the proper channels to benefit victims who have escaped and need rehabilitation.

I’m getting good reports that some victims at the shelter are getting English lessons and watching English movies. I am waiting to hear from my contacts “on the ground” about what is happening in the shelters in Kazakhstan.  I’ll keep you updated on what is happening half a world away! At that same time, I am learning what is happening with slavery in my own backyard of Minnesota! Take the survey that I mentioned above, you will find out just how globalized this problem is about things we take sooooo for granted.

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