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Jo Ok’s Korean Grandmother tries to connect with North Korean relatives

I want to introduce my grandparents from my mother’s side. I’ve never seen my grandfather, because he passed away when my mother was young. He was born in North Korea, but he went to South Korea during the Korean War. He was a doctor, so he helped many people in Busan, South Korea. Until now some people who had been helped by my grandfather stay in contact with us.

My grandmother also came from North Korea. When she came to South Korea, she left her family in her hometown. She didn’t have enough money or any family when she came to Busan. I heard that Busan was the most safe city in South Korea during the Korean War, so many people went there. My grandparents met in church, my grandfather helped my grandmother. So she was in love with him. He proposed to her in church that same day and they got married, then they had four children. Three uncles and my mother is the only girl. My grandfather loved to play with his family. Every weekend they spent lots time to travel to other cities. When my mother was 10 years old, he was getting sick. That time was hard to get some medicine, so he died.

 I’ve never seen my grandfather, but when I see a picture, one of my uncles looks like my grandfather. My mother always told me if he were alive now, he would really love me. Maybe because I’m the only girl on my mother’s side.

Nowdays, my grandmother applied to the government to find her family. There is program to find family when they were separated during the war. Last year we visited Backdo Mt. which is nearby to North Korea. All she wanted was that she meet her family in North Korea. I wish her dream to come true.

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