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Long Day of HISTORY


Sunset after a few days of rain

Yesterday I had a long day of going to a history conference titled “Expressing History Through Writing” and then our monthly history board meeting to end the day.  The sessions I attended were good and I especially liked the one about putting history up on a website about our own local and regional history. I may pursue that because I have scanned LOTS of pictures and have also written many more newspaper articles for our local paper about people.  The session titled “Writing for the Web” had much of what I already do and helped to see how streamlining content to best meet the needs of web visitors achieves certain goals and makes important history of our locale accessible to others. Many teachers in elementary and middle schools use this material.  We are to set the reading level at 10th grade however and the presenter showed us at what level we write.  Also things should be put in active voice as opposed to passive.

Some of the things I wrote down that the presenter asked for are the following:

Important people: Jimmy Ward, Halvor Steenerson, E.W. Childs, Charles Kiewel

Groups: Women’s business club, Sons of Norway, Ancient Order of Woodsman

Important places: Fournet building, Native American Indian burial mounds

Historic structures: old courthouse on North Broadway, Palace Hotel

Key historic events: bonanza farms, treaty signing at Huot

Interesting artifacts: VANCE bricks, Native American arrowheads


Native American Indian arrowheads

The day before this I had attended a painting session and that was a real relaxer. We will do the same for our annual event coming up in August. I need to pay the $175 down payment or deposit to have this hosted by Bright Brushes.  Should be fun…now out to the garden I go, I have been delaying the weeding long enough!


Bright Brushes painting of fall, rainy scene


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