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My Students’ Reflections about universities beginnings…

What a treat to have the interim provost Anne come and talk to my class of teachers at the new university today. All nine students had glowing reflections about what was discussed and what they learned. However, I’m only choosing three of those who wrote the most about her half hour talk.  I will use the other student’s quotes tomorrow describing what else we did in our next class after Anne left.

Bota: Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, University of Wisconsin…There are a lot of them. Today university is compulsory and necessary part of people’s lives. We all want to get once studied there, to become the students of one of the most excellent, best, prestigious universities. We have all opportunities for good education: books, IT devices, efficient teachers, welfare circumstances, required conditions, what not. And sometimes I have a pity for those who don’t get the opportunities they are given. They waste time, time wastes their body, so they pass without making their change in the world. What we have today is a hard efforts done by our ancestors.
The first first universities, opened in the world, made a great push for the appearance of the other ones. It was a long way with many barriers, constant obstacles. But it still remains to be a long way in the future. A way – to be continued, developed, CHANGED by present people, by youth. And we do it, we are the people who go from ideas to actions.

Ainagul: Before this lecture I’ve never thought about the aspects that made first univeristy in the world either where the first university was built. Today, I’ve learned that the first one was built in Bologna, Italy in 968, and it is interesting to know that at that time first students gathered and “picked up” their teachers, best teachers, from the whole country. And really studies at that university were very different from those that we have today. They were difficult to conduct (without hard copies, pens and even papers)…And the most important aspect was people’s ideas. That’s also interesting to know. Because when we hear a world “university” we think about knowledge, upbringing, students. And now I’m thinking: “really, ideas made the universities, developed them to that level which we have today.
Reflecting on what was said here, I think that I’m really lucky to be born in a country where oil money is used for education and to study where several best universities from all over the world are joined.

Damesh: I love this place more and more. I am very grateful for the chances to meet so many interesting people with incredible background and worth deep respecting. Probably this meeting with Ann from Cambridge University is one of the best that ran so good. I’ve never had any conversation on how the universities were built and why. When she asked what universities are for and what they give I understood that I believe that universities are not ONLY for knowledge. I remembered the saying I read somewhere that education is when a person can handle everything without certain knowledge. I’ve written down some interesting thoughts she told us realizing that I wouldn’t have forgotten them even if I hadn’t written them.
Her thoughts on the future of our university gave me some approval and confidence that we are the ones at the right places. I liked best when she said: “Our university is doing something no university has ever done before, bringing all different parts to be a part of one thing.” And it was really interesting to hear her opinion on English of the countries.
“The same language doesn’t unite us, it divides us from each other. We can say the same thing but mean different things.” [referring to British and American English] I realized that I thought the same way! Sometimes you need someone to say the thing to learn that you think the same way. Very interesting!

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