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Lena’s Grandmother and Huge Gap in Family History

In this essay I want to write about one member of my family. Let me introduce her – Medvedchikova Tatiana Nikolaevna; my grandmother, my father’s mom, and also a very good person.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the date of her birth. She kept this a secret from me for all her life. However, I can confirm that she was born the period of the Second World war, and maybe earlier. She told me many stories about the war and her hard childhood. As I remember she was born in Leningrad, but at the time of blockade she and her family were sent straight to the country of steppes – Kazakhstan.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything else about her childhood or youth, except her studying in a specialized school for girls. However, this fact didn’t prevent her marriage when she met Gennadii. He wasn’t a good husband, but as I can see now he was very useful. He presented very nice gifts to my grandmother – her new second name (At the beginning it was Carenok) and undoubtedly the main gift – are two children, my father and his elder sister. Then my grandfather disappeared from our family, of course with the help of my grandmother because he was an alcoholic. Since she was a very good mother her choice was obvious.

And now, I’m a bit confused, because there is enormous empty place in me family’s history. I will try to find out it later, and now everything that I can do – to continue my story.

Then I was born. It was 1991, and as I can remember now, my grandmother was near me for all my childhood. She showed me advantages of reading books, especially Russian classic writers. She taught me to be positive, strong, and the main thing that she showed to me is to reach all my goals and purposes. But, unfortunately everything has own beginning and ending.  She died of a cancer in 2003. Nobody told her that she had such disease, but she understood everything.  And accepted it with a smile on her face.

Her life wasn’t easy, but it was full of happiness. She was a very strong, self confident woman, who easily overcame all obstacles in her way. Every time when I hear that I’m very similar to her, I’m on the seven clouds, because it is the best compliment to know that I’m the worthy granddaughter of a worthy grandmother!!

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