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Sunrise to Sunset

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I could have taken photos of the winter sunset after a gloomy and cloudy day. I had already taken quite a few photos of the amazing sunrise.  Bookends of glory within between of somber moods of cold.  My sister and brother came up to see about working at the shop, helping my dad de-clutter his massive inventory.  They both stayed over night at our place last night.  What was remarkable after they ate a late night meal, was that my sister was trying to help me make the bed for my brother. What happened next started a series of things that wasn’t meant to be!

She reached to the one far corner to tuck in the sheet and boom, the big double bed caved in.  Inexplicably Ken slept through that noise.  My brother was finishing his meal downstairs and he heard the crash just above him. Soon he came up to see what our dilemma was.  We finally took the mattress off, the bed frame apart except one of the pieces because it was stuck.  My brother tried to bang it apart without being too loud, that didn’t work.  Finally the three of us (50% of us siblings in one room) decided that the mattress could go on the floor and my brother could sleep that way.  He did.

Today, my husband who had slept through ALL of the commotion was able to bang out the frame and we put the bed back together. To make extra sure that this over 100 year old bed would NOT fall apart again, he torque screwed the horizontal planks in with four screws.  This old bed and dresser has been in our family for over a century. I hope that others now can sleep in it without any more drama.

So, back to the sunrise. It was a glorious beginning of a day. Today it all ended well.  Sadly our football team we were rooting for in the 30 degree F. temp lost again. 62 – 20.  That is the end of their season where they have lost all ten games, it has to be a real downer for the team players, some of them are my former students.

Anyway, the sun will come up…tomorrow.


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