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Harvey has taken over global news

News for us is that the plum trees have taken over with their bounty…the harvest is plentiful.  The apples are done and my Mom has taken care of about two 5 gallon buckets full of apples.  I have maybe a gallon or so in the fridge and will make a few more apple pies.  Now, what to do with all these plums that Ken and I picked tonight?


That is OUR news on the homefront but things are not good for my friends down in the Houston, TX area.  The following are pictures of the couples home that I know from Almaty, Kazakhstan.  The devastation that so many families are going through is very sad. But these people are working together to help each other because that is all they have left.

I’m grateful for our fruit and vegetable harvest even though it means a LOT of work to make them into something.  I just give most of it away like the turnips and the basil.  Next will be the red beets.  Oy my!

Thom Orr

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Oopsy-Daisy or Oopsy-Tulip?

snowy-daysnowy bridge

Compliments of my husband, you will see the photos showing snow is back in Almaty!!!  As I walk to work this morning I will get pictures of the wreckage wrought on the tulips I shot two days ago.  This too shall pass but a bit startling to see fluffy flakes fall after being lulled into an early spring.  I certainly hope the City of Apples (Almaty) and the rest of the country didn’t suffer too much with their apple tree blossoms.  Many working in Kazakhstan’s agriculture depend on a good crop of apples especially to be exported out.  I understand the capital, Astana, was hit far worse.

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