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Views Along Furmanova Street

billboard-on-languagesWatched the classic movie “Barabbas” last night starring Anthony Quinn, Jack Palance and Ernest Borgnine.  Par Lagerkvist, the author of this book titled “Barabbas” got a Nobel Prize in 1951 for writing this best seller.  How times have changed from 60 years ago.  “Barabbas” rivals the action of the movie “Ben Hur.”  They sure don’t make good movies like they used to, this was filmed in sepia tones and not black and white.  Russell Crowe must have watched this classic before he took on the role of “Gladiator” because Anthony Quinn had quite a showdown in an arena with the Roman emperor and crowds watching his performance.  “Barabbas” is no chick-flick.  Note the photos of what I commonly see along Furmanova Street as I walk downhill to work.  LOVE the billboard, I need a translation of it.


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