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Aray’s Grand Heritage and Her Illustrious Grandfather

Life is short and it is necessary to spend it beneficially in order not to regret about those days which you wasted. But I’m lucky, because I set up my own aims and quietly achieve it. This type of character I inherited from my ancestors: my father, my mother and my grandparents. My grandfather Baltabek Yersalimov is grand nephew of the greatest Kazakh poet and minder Abay Kunanbaev.

This year my grandfather celebrates his 70 jubilee. But in spite of that he remains working, doing social work. Now he is a director of Abay Kunanbaev’s fund. He released 5 books dedicated to his people. Although he began to work 59 years ago, being 11 years old boy he was ferrying the cattle from Mongolia into Kazakhstan. According to his stories, I understood that it was very hard and adult work. And at night he used to smoke strong tobacco in order not to fall asleep, because he had to guard the cattle from wild wolfs.  Even during his study he also worked hard to provide for his family. He worked as the courier. In spite of that, he finished school with the highest marks. But he didn’t have an opportunity to study in university during the day time. Then he entered KazGu externally to the faculty of journalism.

After graduating from the university he began to work in regional press, where he showed himself as the responsible, devoted, demanding, at first to himself, worker. And immediately he earned the respect of all the staff, which in future will choose him as the leader. He had been working as the director of the press for ten years. Then he already had four sons and my grandmother was expecting the fifth child. I’d like to describe that moment, when he came to maternity home to congratulate his wife with a girl.  Back then there wasn’t any machine to diagnose the sex of the child. But everyone predicted him a girl. He really wanted a girl. So, he was standing at the reception, with a bunch of flowers and box of candies, hoping to hear those cherished words:” Congratulations, it’s a girl!” instead he heard: “Congratulations, it’s a boy!” … ! He had unlimited disappointment inside of him. He dropped the flowers on the floor, gave the candies to the nurse and went home. Now, of course he doesn’t regret that he has five sons.

In the 20th century there was the leading party of the USSR – the party of communism, so my grandfather was one of the members of that party. He was very devoted and did all the commission. And at last he had been appointed the regional Philharmonic’s Society Director. Holding a high post he faced with the inside world of the theatre, with artists, who, in fact, are very difficult persons and relationships between them are difficult as well. It was everywhere and every time. So being not so old man he, having no experience with such people, he had to be with them and moreover led them. It was hard. When he was telling me about that time it seemed to me that I understand him. But on the other hand, he had a big opportunity to invite artists of all-union significance. They were: Anderey Mironov, Popanov, Leonov, Ksenia Georgiadi, and Nikulin …. Of course my father was happy to communicate with them. As a rule, after each concert, my grandfather invited all the artists to his home. Up to now he has the photos which remind him of that time.

On the whole my grandfather is an amazing person. When I was born my second grandmother advised my mother to let him name me his eldest granddaughter. He was very happy and treated with big seriousness. He wrote an official letter to my mother with congratulations and purposed her to name me Aray, which means beginning of the new life, birth of the new day. Giving me this name he blessed me. My parents are very grateful for him.

In October, 25 this year it is the Golden marriage of my grandparents. They had been living together for 50 years.  In this space they gave a birth and brought up five sons, eight grandchildren. Being the eldest one, I want to achieve all my heights and I want my parents to be proud of me.

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