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“The Lame Horse” (Part II)

The following is what our speaker, Ainur Baisakalov, had on his handout concerning “Concept of the Nature Sacredness in the Kazakh Traditional Music.”  I’m not sure if this is another poem related to the Lame Horse that I wrote in yesterday’s blog or not.  In any case, the point Ainur was trying to get across is many of the strong morals embedded in Kazakh folk music is lost to Kazakhstan’s younger generation.  The following is about looking after the poor, being friendly, use reasonable speech, be content, thank God for nature, be generous, treat unexpected guests with courtesy and listen to the older generation.  Who could argue with those hallowed principles?

I’m not sure if the first four lines mean that those who read the written word are stupid because words appear like sticks? I need to ask Ainur what that REALLY means.  Obviously something got lost in translation.

Akimgherey’s Tolgau[1]


Au! Let me speak a little
Like to read something written.
For a stupid a word is a stick,
For a clever – a light.
If you are a clever zhighit,
Look after the poor.
Live friendly with relatives,
Neglect unreasonable speech.
Be satisfied with what you have,
Do not worry if you are not rich.
The world is an ancient palace
Which has seen a lot.
Whenever you praise it
The years never wear it out.
Thank the God
That the Sky is not supported by something.
A building built by a man
Is destroyed after years.
If a friend is greedy,
Everything given and taken back
Will count.
If a friend is generous
Gives you back thousand times more.
If you ask akyn[3] to sing,
He never refuses to do that.
Evening moon is good,
A foal who was fed by dry mare’s milk,
A tea is good even if you do not drink it,
A butter is tasty even if you are not served with it,
Rye flat cake
Cooked for a sudden guest
Is much better than hidden gold.
Old dromedary – a head of caravan
Is better than young of camel.
Sixty-year sage
Is better than a full young fellow.
When good people get together
There will be a great occasion.

[1] Tolgau – thoughts and will

[2] Zhighit – young and brave man

[3] Akyn – a sage, folk composer and singer

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