More snow and cold with x-country skiing

I realize that when one has cold and wind combined it makes for a dreary winter.  But when the sun comes out and the temps warm with only a slight breeze then one’s idea about living so far north and in the cold climates changes.


I adventured out today on my x-country skis and it was a glorious hour of breaking trail and hiding behind the tree rows to be protected from the wind that had a chill to it.  I also saw the fox had been out on the snow earlier.  They were probably hunting down the rabbits.


The tracks of the prowling animal shows claws so I suspect that it is a fox, but it could be a coyote too.  What do you think?


I went back to the house after going around in the tree rows and getting the HUGE drifts in our north shelterbelt.  There were more tracks going in that direction too.


What a good day it was to be out in the fresh air, I came back into the house with VERY red cheeks after getting such good exercise skiing!

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