More photos of China from 1986-88

cranes in Qiqihar

These cranes were up in Qiqihar, northern China, north of Harbin. They are considered good luck among the Chinese, they also live to be 100 years old.  They are big birds and have the red part on their head.  Magnificent birds!

making noodles 1987

Back in town, you could see vendors making noodles by just swinging around dough in a circle like a jump rope…then they would separate out into noodles to eat.  Pretty amazing to watch your lunch go from dough to be boiled up as a noodle to eat with other dishes.

Darrell Parr, photographer

Above is Darrell Parr who was the photographer of all these photos I’ve been showing. I can’t take the credit for them.  Darrell is about to turn 90 and his son transferred all his slides to digital and so I have gone through the 100s that were made available to show on this blog.

Pick a bike, any bike

This bike rack is just down the main street in Harbin, Heilongjiang where off to the left you can see the Quilin department store that was built by the Russians earlier.  Whenever we would go to buy something at this store, it was always like Christmas every day.  The people trying to buy things were 3 deep and to try and get the clerk’s attention to get what was under the glass display case was always a trial.  They were not too cooperative as they didn’t seem to care about the customer.  Different from our American motto: “The customer is always right.”

Things have really changed in China since these days of photos taken by Darrell from 1986-88.

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