Merry Christmas!

brighter threesomeWe have nearly wrapped up the year of 2017 and preparing now for 2018.  We came back on Saturday to cold weather in Minnesota after enjoying two weeks of family and friends in warm Arizona.  When we left we had set the house at the temp of 55 degrees. Imagine our surprise when we got home to a house that was 40 degrees!  The plants were mostly all frozen, except of those hearty ones in the bay window.  The toilet was frozen and the kitchen sink nobs for cold and hot would NOT move, frozen!


We made the best of it but spent all of Christmas Eve in town with the folks.  How nice to go to two services at my folks’ church and then celebrate afterwards with a nice beef roast dinner.  Of course, we had to play dominoes after that and the novice of the group, my brother Tony won.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thankfully someone my Mom knew came out to look at our plumbing situation.  He will come back tomorrow in order to fix the problems we have.  All is ending better than we thought.  It turned out to be a more expensive two week vacation than we bargained for!


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