Another Christmas concert in fieldhouse

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Christmas concert has been a tradition for MANY years, even before I was born. My parents paid for the tickets for Ken and I to go and we had our bus ride with about 25 other people paid for also.  What a wonderful time to get to the fieldhouse an hour before so I could walk through my old alma mater.  The campus has added many new buildings since I attended 40 years ago.

There were FOUR choirs in different colored robes and there must have been at least 400 singers with an orchestra of about 50 members.  The audience in the bleachers must have been at least that and on the floor of the gym where I used to play badminton and watch basketball games, there must have been another 400-500 people.  In total, there was probably about 2,000 people in this fieldhouse that serves the college as a sports place throughout the school year, but in December it is a wonderful concert.


How nice to go to a restaurant afterwards with the 25 other people and enjoy Christmas caroling before we ate.  My folks are in their 80s but they look much younger.  A great way to celebrate the new holiday season! My Mom is wearing her Norwegian sweater while my Dad is wearing his usual bolo tie.  They met as singers at voice lessons and the rest is history.


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