Today’s Concert at the Carnegie

There’s still much to do and it is nearly 5:00 a.m. and I have some things that I can do BEFORE I go back to the Carnegie.  Yesterday after the second coat of primer, I put on some paint and today I’ll take off the blue tape that protected the woodwork. I hope no paint seeped through.  You can see the difference that the primer made from what I pictured in the post before this. That’s only after the first coat.  I found eggshell white to paint over that.  Remarkable difference that I should take a photo of today to post tomorrow.


My Dad will be singing in the men’s chorus and he is really enjoying the practices.  At 87 years of age, he still can read the music and sing.  That is so good that he has that as an outlet since he is not working any more.  My mom used to say about him, “He works hard at working hard.”  I guess he grew up that way on the farm where all three of his older sisters worked in order to save the farm.  He had an older brother who was about 16-17 years older than him.  I have had some negatives of him digitized and here is one sampling of that.

Alta and Glen @ 1933

I’ll end with a sunrise shot that I got about a week ago. If anything is the same about living in the house that my grandparents built up, it is the beauty of the horizon in the morning or evening with glorious colors. They would have seen the same things I witness with our expansive flat lands.  I caught this one from our second story window.  I’ll have photos of our concert tonight in tomorrow’s post.


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