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Working as a “volunteer” all day

Carnegie Nov. 28 concertTypical Saturday and I spent most of it inside our Carnegie building getting it prepared for the next fundraising concert on Nov. 28th.  Time is of essence as there is MUCH to do to prepare both levels as opposed to just one! Now we will have our guests come in the back entrance and then take the internal stairs.  Usually, we have had everyone approach from the large west entrance.  But now we will be able to have the choirs risers right up against the doors as people would normally enter.  Instead of having to make sure that the stairs are snow and ice free we will have all people go around to the back.


THAT MEANS to have the back area that has been typically used as a place to put junk and get that to look nice for people to see and get in the Christmas mood of things. We will have Christmas caroling to begin with and then at 7:30 will be one of the choruses, either men’s or women’s.  We will also have the string orchestra (with me playing violin) and the university’s pop chorus.  It should be a very nice fundraiser.

HOWEVER, in the meantime, I have primed the walls that lead to the bathroom and up the stairs and there was a LOT of moving of heavy tables and doors and other things. It was a 2 or 3 person job in some cases.  I’ll go back tomorrow to keep working on things before we have a full crew coming to help next Sunday.


I should have taken a BEFORE photo of this because it really looked bad before this.  There were wooden tulips and cobwebs and it looked frightful!   I will show more photos later.

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