Week has gone


I’ve been challenged to show 7 photos in 7 days that are black and white with no people and no explanation but something I have been doing.  Then I challenge one person each day.  This time I challenged my brother in law who is a good photographer.  Actually, this fire ring was from their place several years ago.  I have been doing LOTS of burning lately of things, textbooks, old papers, correspondence, you name it.  While I can take wheelbarrows full of stuff, I have been doing that. Now it has snowed which makes it a bit more difficult to do.


The snow lately has been very pretty and I may do a black and white of that since it already looks B&W with the contrast of trees and white snow.  If we get more snow, I’ll be able to cross-country ski which I look forward to doing.


Enjoy the warmth while you can, it was -5 F this morning when we got up, it will get colder before long.  Happy Day lights savings time!  I saw northern lights tonight for the first time in a LONG time.  It has maybe been about 15 years since I last saw them. I’m in a car when I see them, our trees to the north make it difficult to see northern lights.

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