Norsk Host Fest


It was good to take my folks to the Norsk Host Fest in Minot yesterday, I believe they enjoyed the entertainment.  It took 4 hours to get there and we left at 6:45 a.m.  Got there at 10:45 and paid for our $40 tickets once we were brought in from the HUGE parking lot by the bus with all their passengers.  For this four day event, it takes 4,000 volunteers to pull it off. They were very organized and knew what they were doing after 40 years of doing this!


Once inside, we saw the Swedish fiddlers but my main mission was to see my former next door neighbor and friend who had a booth of her beautiful sewing craft. She takes old Norwegian sweaters and changes them into vests or mittens or other things, like purses.  I bought three little mittens that will work on Christmas trees and also some slippers that were made in Azerbaijan. It gives women employment in a place where they don’t have much income coming in.  The website for their things for sale is


My dad, husband and I watched the piano player, Gordon Lindquist do his numbers. I had seen him about five years ago and he pulled out of the piano bench a sheet.  He was going to play “sheet music” which meant that he draped it over the whole keyboard and played through the sheet. Then he put gloves on and played another piece.  Finally, he put on some heavy leather mitts and played again.  For another Victor Borge kind of comedy act, he laid on his back on the piano bench and reversed his hands and played another number. Throughout he had corny jokes to tell.


I also took in some other old and strange instruments that was from Norway. It was like an autoharp on a strap like a guitar but a bow was used on it like you’d play on a cello. I’ll have to look that up because I’ve never seen anything like it. I also saw and heard a comedy act that has been around for many years, an American Indian guy and a white guy, they were NOT politically correct and that was what was so funny about them.

Much Scandinavian food courts were everywhere. Also, I saw many other booths that were selling everything. There must have been 200 booths at this place with entertainment in many parts of this large complex that also is used for the North Dakota State Fair.

All in all, we were glad that we went and it was fun to see some other friends there as well. Next year we will probably want to stay longer but having four hours to drive back home again on the same day made for a very long day.  Many laughs and lots of smiles which helps to get through our rainy, gloomy day now.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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