Sunset on September

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEarly this morning I saw northern lights, they were subtle and I had to REALLY look over the northern trees in our northeast bedroom.  I haven’t seen these amazing lights for almost 15 years and when I saw them then, they were very obvious. My husband kept teasing that they were sugar beet factory lights but I knew better, they were the real deal.

We have had a LOT of rain lately which has definitely cleared the air from the ash smoke from Montana with their huge forest fires and also all the combining and harvest debris in the air.  We needed the rain but we do NOT need the muddy roads as a result. I thought it was that the township had put down cheap gravel but it is worse than that, our gravel road needs to be compacted underneath the superficial graveling. Ken’s car does better than mine and so we got into town okay on Tuesday so that I could teach. Today I’ll hopefully be able to use MY car to go teach but we are trading this one in for a 4 wheel drive.

Also, the Ford Fusion that we bought just a year ago is not good in snow which gets packed into the fancy looking tires.  The problem is when you have too much snow in the wheel spokes and then you can not turn your steering wheel right or left. The strangest thing and the only way to get rid of it is to hose down the tires so that the snow melts away. I don’t want to go through that again. I also don’t want to get stuck on the road just on the high grade like I did last spring. Our helpful neighbor came right over to pull my car out.

Last night I captured the sunset but should have gotten out sooner with my camera. The clouds above were spectacular but by the time I retrieved my camera, it was past the peak. You can decide by the photos I have attached.  We do live in very good country where we can breathe in deeply the fresh air, it is starting to be fall like. Welcome to winter with the temps gradually going down. The first snow is always a delight but it IS still September and the earliest I remember getting sloppy snow was October 4th. That would be a week away.  No, too soon!


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