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Sunrise in the Valley

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunday morning, just yesterday, it was about 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. and I caught this sunrise with my little indestructible camera. These skyscapes are so fleeting and yet glorious to take in.  Later by another half hour or more it was gloomy as if this had NOT happened with the promise of sun for the rest of the day.  In fact, it rained a bit and then later in the afternoon it was sunny again.

Because of all the harvesting in the Valley, we have grain straw clouds hanging in the air that look like smog in the evening dusk.  The farmers are in earnest to get their grain into the storage silos once in the big semi trucks.  Then these monster trucks trundle down the road and churn up more dust from gravel roads that have not had rain for several weeks.

grain harvest

I am busy harvesting on a much smaller scale in my two vegetable gardens. I have basil like NEVER before.  How I love to make pesto but having had enough of that, I am giving basil away.  I LOVE my yellow beans and will give some to my Mom. She is getting all of my tomatoes and I give her beet tops so she can cook that up.  The beets have needed thinning out so she got the baby beets.

I have been picking lettuce and some snow peas.  Swiss chard too is always good.  So much of a good thing, it is the time of bounty now.  Nothing to complain about here. I enjoy the cooler temps at night…you can tell that fall is around the corner. Oh, did I mention the Haralson apples we have? I made two pies already but I dare not look at the plum trees because they are heavily laden with plums. I’ll call my friends over to come pick their fill of plums.


School is starting up next week so I will have to turn my focus to that.  Looking forward to meeting my new students for this semester.

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