Spring forward to Day Light Savings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADifficult to get used to every spring where we LOSE an hour of precious sleep. I’m grateful that we were able to make it to church this morning. That’s despite my not finding my curling iron to curl my hair, however, in our flurry to leave, I DID find my makeup so that was good.  I had to lead worship so when I arrived, all was peaceful and calm and our practice went well.

I would have liked to have my sister and nephew join us but they were intent on getting home along with other brother enroute to Wisconsin and the other south of the Twin Cities.  So, this weekend was a “family affair” with helping my Dad to clear out his shop that is full of inventory and other various things.  We filled a dumpster rolloff with no problem in one day…I think it will take another 3-4 of these to purge the large place of all its contents.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can see by the photo what the building looks like, it is one of the older ones in our hometown. It used to be a brewery along the river. Many people are interested in it for different reasons. Some think of a classy restaurant, others think of a sports place for bikers or hikers or skiers in the winter time.  Whoever buys this place better have a LOT of money to put a new roof on and to also upgrade it for future customers.

In the meantime, we had a nice time working together as a family unit as my Dad was somewhat detached from it all.  He is almost 87 years old, afterall.  We have moved our folks to their new apartment and so now their house will be up for sale soon.  Many transitions.


The major one for me this morning was to get myself put together after visiting with my siblings at a Mexican restaurant after a full day of work at the shop.  End of the first day of skipping an hour ahead.  The sun seemed to up sooner but our bodies felt like it was too early.  Tomorrow should be easier because we have a week off of teaching because of Spring Break!  Hurray!

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