Happy Intl. Women’s Day

Or…what is left of this day that is so faithfully celebrated in all other countries of the globe. I told my students today that we as Americans celebrate many privileges that other women in other communist or former communist countries do not enjoy.  Every day is a holiday for most of us…while women who lived during the Soviet era needed a break like International Women’s Day.

I showed my students today a photo of many women at a Women’s Camp from 1950 and in this group of many ladies would be my Grandma Ellen.  I haven’t figured out which one she is but I have several guesses.

Woman's camp at NWSA around 1950

Last night we had howling winds that were raging almost to 50-60 mph. I woke up in the morning and I was happy to NOT hear that kind of wrathful wind.  This was basically the last class until after Spring break so that put me in a good mood too. I did not receive any candy, flowers or cards but on Facebook many of my former students or colleagues from other countries greeted me.

Indeed, happy international womens day!

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