Amazing November, Semester soon ending!


Sunrise on the plains, this was a murky morning. We are down to Week 12 out of 16 weeks and essentially, after our Thanksgiving in the end of November, then it is a downhill slide to the end of the semester. I’ll have my 35 composition students give their powerpoint presentations on their last research paper and then it is grading time and we are out of here!  The weather yesterday was 75 degrees which is unusual for November but it goes along with our remarkable summer and fall we experienced.  Technically we could be getting snow at any time and it would stay until March or April.  For now the grass is green and the sunsets have been magnificent.


The above is a sunset that I caught about 3-4 days ago. I got a LOT of responses on it from my FB friends. I guess I don’t realize how fortunate I am to capture these scenes in the sky that last almost a half hour. This one did and when I thought I was done taking pictures, I turned around and there were MORE photos to take.  The comments that I get from others is that they wish they could see these sunsets like I do or other “magnificent” or “spectacular” kinds of comments.  One would think people would get tired of these colorful sky photos but that is NOT the case, people seem to soak it up.


So, one thing I learned today was that the heavenlies are looking down to see what we do with the talents that we have been given.  I’m hoping that I can encourage my students tomorrow and let them know they are making great progress in learning how to format APA type research papers.  I just graded 17 of these papers and they are all over the board, not conforming to the rules of APA but I will get them there in about four weeks.

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