New Computer, new formatting

I have been away for a while and not written like I used to when I lived in Kazakhstan. I have a new computer so I can’t figure out how to get the photo I want into the text.

Back when living in Kazakhstan, I wrote EVERY day and if I didn’t have something I had experienced or observed I put up photos. Busy with teaching first year students in two composition courses and volunteering at the Carnegie with a grant that I just got with the historical society in St. Paul, MN. The grant is for $8,765 and with two other researchers we will be writing 15 articles about NW Minnesota.

There seems to be an extra push to get things done and with my Mom having just taken a bad fall and breaking her arm, I have things I need to do to help her. I know she wants to be independent and do things on her own but she will be immobilized in the one arm for about a month or more.

Well, the garden has much produce to tend to and I’ve made grape jelly and plum jelly and that was after doing raspberry jam. Now we have tomatoes that I’m giving away after I made five batches of Mrs. Wages assortments. Now I have pumpkins and GREMLIN decorative gourds. I’m also taking in plants so they do not freeze. Plants make a different in the work space and also at the Carnegie.

Okay, I better close with a photo. I have to give a presentation about our campus to our Rotary club. Always something! Mowed the lawn the other day and we are past middle of September! LOTS of mushrooms in the lawn. The one above was as big as a frisbee and 3-4 inches thick in a tree in the woods!

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