Summer is two-thirds over…then what’s next?


Small room with new look


Looking out to hallway inside the small room

Last Friday I signed my contract to teach two more composition classes which starts up on Aug. 23rd.  That hardly gives me any breathing space to have a summer vacation after all speed ahead with our town’s annual event from Aug. 17-20th.  The big parade, which will change its route to go downtown again, will be the climax of a very busy but fun time at the Carnegie.  We have a LOT of activities to keep up with but we have some awesome volunteers as well.

Yesterday I stained the wainscoting paneling that will go up in the basement of the Carnegie which is where we all went for our children’s library back in the old days.  Memories run long for many who are from this area because we used to have an outdoor swimming pool right next to the library and there were also tennis courts down the hill. A very good hangout for many teenagers and young people which was centrally located in downtown.

Now, we don’t have as many kids and we have older people who can’t ably take the massive steps up to the main floor of the Carnegie. That is where we will have different art exhibits and also a photography display for all four days.  Along with that we will have a class competition to see which class can donate the most money to help with our restoring the Carnegie and the first night we will have people paint and take a canvas home after painting on their own canvas.

I tell people that I feel like one of those clowns who has plates that are spinning on top of poles and that you have to keep them all spinning simultaneously without them falling down. That’s what is going to be happening for FOUR days but there are many others who will be there to help. The only difference is that we will have both levels of the Carnegie in operation with the gift shop downstairs.

I’m showing some of the pictures of what has been happening lately. All good things. With 2/3rds of the summer gone, I’m wondering when I’ll get my summer vacation before I start teaching again.


what our stained wainscoting looks like


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