Two day bus trip with my folks


Man-made lake with pelicans

We came back home last night on the second longest day of the year as the days will be getting shorter.  We arrived to see that the rabbits had done more damage to our vegetable gardens by eating some snow peas that were on the fence. They had already nibbled away on our little delicate beets that were emerging. I hate rabbits even though they might look cute and perhaps are cuddly. I have the same feeling about deer in our woods who ate away at our June berry trees, the young saplings and also on our Ohio buckeye tree.  So, we co-habitate with nature and enjoy the freedoms that we have here but the ornery weeds keep growing next to what I have planted.  I have to get out and do more work in the gardens.


Dragline in the distance while in the coal pit

We enjoyed our rest stops from our two day bus ride and one of them was on a man-made lake where the pelicans were catching fish.  My folks and my husband and I were also fed very well.  We only paid $110 per couple but we had a nice hotel room to stay in with a very good banquet meal and then all other meals and snacks were provided as well.  We went to see an electric generating plant and also how they mined for lignite coal.  All very good to do on these beautiful days.

I need to go out and water plants now so I will just show some nice photos of what we saw.


equipment in the coal pit coming after our bus!

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