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Gardening with a vengeance – Good soil vs. quack grass


Apricot tree blooming in the dusk hour

I know that there are gardeners out there who can relate to the problem of quack grass…it is a tenacious, stubborn and very prolific weed in many gardens.  I marvel at how the first farmers who came in this area over 150 years ago cut up the prairie with the grasses that are here.  If the prairie grass grows well without much encouragement, then it is good for grain and sugar beets, right?  Well, the farmers nowadays use Roundup and other weed killers, I suppose I could do the same with my gardens. I must have about 13-14 to deal with.  I have worked with the two sweet pea plots, one around the yard light and the other by the well.  I have pulled away all the nasty weeds by the peonies that have been languishing for years.  They needed attention and also some fertilizer. I’m glad they have not succumbed to the quack grass, they seem to co-habitate with them just fine. I would like to have some nice blossoms this spring.


what pulled quack grass looks like, evil

On to the shop, east side where there are butterfly plants and other various assortment…then on to the Rock and Roll garden. After that the one north of the garage and then around the house, to the east, south and west.  I have a garden bed on the north side, that will have coleus and other plants that don’t need sun. I have the raspberry patches to doctor up with the itch weed growing there. Then there is the garden that has daisies and a LOT of wild plum trees growing there.  I suppose I should attack that sooner than later.  Let’s see, where else?  I have my potted plants that I put up on our clothes line poles and there is another place where an old combine used to be. It gets to be quite overwhelming but then, once it is done and the flowers are blooming, it is all worth it.


what worked up soil looks like

I suppose the fact that I’m writing all this out is just a delay mechanism kicking in…I MUST go out while the weather is good this morning to get more work done.  Okay, over and out!


what quack grass looks like before pulled out!

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