Mid-February sundogs!!!


southern sundog with sunrise


northern sundog with early morning sunrise

These sunrise photos were quite the hit with people on my Facebook hometown page. I just took it with my simple camera that does NOT have a wide angle lens which would have been helpful to catch BOTH sundogs at the same time.  I also showed the photos to my students and asked if they knew what sundogs were. A few did but many others didn’t. That particular morning was about 10 degrees BELOW Fahrenheit and that is when this phenomenon happens, when it is extremely cold.  I asked if they had ever seen moondogs, fewer had seen that.

Anyway, when there is nothing much else to report, mid-February sundogs seem appropriate.  I just went to a Professional Development workshop yesterday…all day.  It was somewhat helpful about doing “active teaching.”  Something that I already do with my composition students. I WANT them to be actively engaged in what they are learning.  We had a concurrent session in the afternoon, after a nice buffet lunch, that was about relieving stress, what to do about it.  We were asked to eat a chocolate covered potato chip. I have NEVER eaten one so slowly, usually those chippers go down very quickly.  They are hand made by our local candy store, one chip at a time. No factory or mechanization involved and they are very popular for those long winter nights.

I said that singing helps with stress even though I recognized that not everyone in the group is musical.  The moderators agreed that singing is a GOOD thing to promote in order to take the burdens off.  I led in worship on Sunday and that was not as stressful because I had other singers who supported me and we were able to pull it off.  It was a last minute request of me the night before. It would have been stressful for me but I chose songs that *I* liked and that I knew other people knew.  For Valentines day and my husband gave me three, beautiful red roses.  I gave him some bulky Smartwool socks.  I go for beauty, he goes for functionality.

Another good thing that happened already in February was that our fireproof vault has shelves.  They are ready to have the brown packaged newspapers put on them.  We have old newspapers from the 1880s and up to the 1980s.  Not just of our town but all the towns that had newspapers in our county.  That is a LOT of archival material that we already have on microfilm.  That will be for a project in March that I will work on moving things over to the vault from where they are stored right now.  In the meantime, I am doing this blog because I have almost 30 papers to grade for my composition classes and I don’t want to do them.  Blogging is a stress reliever!



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