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Started teaching again, scheduler was way ahead of me


Last day of my summer vacation

I had taught two classes in the two of the days of this week. I teach on MWF mornings. I have 40 students total in my two composition classes, they are good kids. Lots of football players from all over the U.S. and some baseball players and then the girl soccer players.  Oh yes, there are volleyball players too.  What was funny the first day of class on Wednesday was that I had asked the registrar on Monday to have one of my classes moved, since they are back to back, together in one classroom. I was hoping for the same room, even the same building would be better than walking across campus in the 10 minute interlude between classes. This is what happens when you let computers take over the master schedule for the whole campus.

As it turned out I got the floor above (in the same building). I thought that I would go to the original classroom on Wednesday, during our first class,  to tell them where our NEW classroom was for Friday’s class.  I realized quickly that something wasn’t right when less than half were in the original room with my missing about 12 students.  So, I went to the NEW location while I gave the first group an assignment to write down for me what their semester schedule looked like.

When I got to the newly assigned classroom, I asked if it was Comp I class to the filled up classroom (well about 13 students were there).  I asked who their comp teacher was and they said my name.  I told them *I* was their teacher and that I had to figure out what to do.  I thought quickly. I saw there were MORE people in the second room even though I had my ppt presentation all set up in the other building.  I told THEM to work on their schedule for the semester while I went back to the first room to retrieve the 8 students.

After this 15 minute snafu, things were normalized and the students were NOT ready to leave because we had had such a short time together.  Today, I had my own problems with technology where I had a hard time with the projector to work with my laptop.  I got through it but that is the advantage of being in the same classroom when they are back to back…no need to fix all the technology again.

Anyway, I am glad we are off to a good start.  I have some very respectful students, most of them are. They e-mail me and call me Dr. or Professor. I told them they could call me by my first name, the one I sign off on when I e-mail the whole class.  In any case, I hope that we all have a good time together because I realize some do NOT like to write long, formal papers.  I told them today that this is NOT high school anymore, we are in university now.

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