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My Birthday Celebration



nursery open house


What a fun day it was yesterday to be honored for passing into the 6th decade. It started out with sleeping in and then washing my hair before I met up with my folks and we went to a famous garden and nursery about 30 miles from our place.  Since it was their open house, they had plants that were 20% off so I used some of the money my Dad gave me for a birthday present to buy a nine bark tree.  For some reason I really like those trees, maybe because they have such a depth and variation of color.  We have so many box elder trees that just have your usual green leaves…these are a deep accent to any yard.

Then after we had a dinner at a restaurant back at my hometown, we to to work and started cleaning the Carnegie so it looked ready for company at 6:00 p.m. I had invited about 35-40 people with over 200 postcards sent out to tell of our Art Show and Sale for four days.  We got at least 25 friends of mine showing up over the two hours. I was pleased that my cousin showed up with 14 photos his dad’s 1939 aerial shots of my hometown.  Also, my folks were there along with my hubby and the intern who has been working all summer helping to get the Carnegie ready for the big days ahead.  A highlight was having a high school classmate of mine come to this celebration and she also had been to this same nursery and got a big hydrangea plant with white blossoms. Both big plants are sitting in the lobby of the Carnegie until after all the festivities are over with on Saturday.

After the last guests had left at 8:30 we went to the bar and restaurant so that we could eat supper…I also wanted to have another birthday treat.  Turns out that they served a glass of beer and also deep fat fried Oreos. We had a fun meal with my cousin and his wife and then it was time to go home about 10:00 p.m. So it ended up being a LONG but fun day. These are the following people I want to thank for coming to my b.d. party and helping to eat the half sheet of cake.

Thanks to Carol S. Judy E. Jerry K. Janna B and Ken M. Sheldon R. Rae F. Sue H. Mary G. Lynn M. Jim and Kerry S. Anne and Mike M. Twylla and Jim, Phyllis H. Dylan, Paul and Jan, Les and Bonnie and my folks and hubby.  I think it will be a rather mundane celebration next year but we will help celebrate my husband’s moving into the next decade next April.  Fun plans are in store!

cake on tableRae with cake1939 photos with camera

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