What is going on in Kazakhstan?



Today I saw there were severe mudslides in Almaty. I have a suspicion I know where this might have happened.  When we went up to the mountains towards the end of our stay in Almaty, we traversed some rugged roads where a LOT of the Kazakhs liked to go for a weekend out of town.  I had heard something of a dam and some disaster that had happened many years ago.

Then I also saw something about a sleeping sickness that leaves a mystery about why people are taken down and sleep. Different theories about that illness. The place where it is happening is north and northwest of Astana, the current capital.  I can’t recall the small village’s name where people have suffered from this sleeping sickness.  It was a long article about how one woman named Lubya had been stricken down about five years ago.

On another note, we had our 75-80 year old box elder tree come down. It just tipped over from its roots. We had to have three guys who are professional tree removers come and move it out of the back yard.  Now I put up some yard art to make it look more decorative.  Thus the photos. I have been busy with other things going on as well. I’m glad that I have two composition classes for next fall…at least that much, maybe there will be another class.

We are enjoying the GREEN of summer.



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