Saw Three Fox at Sunset





Our old swing tree came down the other day and now we are left with the debris to clean up. It must have been at least 75-80 years old and was a box elder that leaned into the sun. It had a long arm that had been used for years by us kids with a swing on it. I noticed it had been low about a week ago as I walked under it.  I thought how strange that I barely went past going under without brushing my hat against it.  I mused that it had been much lower than I had remembered it to be.

Little did I know that gravity and age would take it down a week later.  What a mess to clean and I appreciate my parents help in getting the chain saw to get the bigger limps taken down. My Dad has all the right equipment except now we will need to hire a tree expert to come and cut up the heavy trunk and get it out of our back yard before all the company comes in about 3 weeks.  We will have our Century Farm celebration then with all my siblings here to help remember and celebrate the old farm. My cousin and his wife will be in attendance as well.  It should be a grand old time with an old fashioned picnic and maybe some entertainment that my family will put on.

Last night as I was picking raspberries in our west shelterbelt, I heard an “ARF” and looked up to see three fox in the soybean field.  Two were fox pups that were playing around about 25-30 feet from me and I saw the mama fox running after something down the straight rows.  They leaped over the rows totally oblivious to me because I was downwind from them. Fun to have them in our farmyard, if only they would take out the pesky rabbits that seem to like to eat our vegetables in the two gardens.

Back to the Century Farm celebration, this family event will happen after FOUR days of working at the Carnegie with the Art show and sale of 100 year old pictures from old books. I have framed over 300 pictures and artifacts so that people can donate to the cause of refurbishing the Carnegie for public use.  We will also have nine painting party events going on downstairs in the former children’s library.  On Saturday we will have the 5K and 10K race start at the Carnegie so I hope that I can keep up this pace.  We have a LOT of cleaning to do before the people from everywhere arrive.  I hope we have a LOT of people to come and see what we have, the more people, the more money we will make.

carnegie library looking SE

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