Found my third pottery piece this summer

009 (2)Early this spring when the field was dry enough, I went out to see if I could find more Red Wing pottery pieces. Right away I found two and then I have found nothing since…that was probably three months ago.  Tonight after I had picked raspberries for the second time today, I went walking in the soybean field again and found other glass pieces that shown because of the rain we recently had.  I also found a smaller shard which makes it THREE for this summer.

I was pleased that we got a plaque for our mailbox that reads “Century Farm.”  My husband and I along with my parents went to our county fair to be recognized as living as the third generation on the original farm that was started in 1915. I have reason to believe that there was another occupant on this property before my grandpa and grandma came along. I saw in an old plat map someone who had written in many different townships notes to themselves.  I saw that there had been a fire in December of 1912 at our house.  So, that would explain that my grandpa could erect a house so quickly because there had already been a foundation formed.  I don’t have anything to prove that but I am going on that info from the plat map.  I need to go to the government records to find out who was the original owner of my grandparents farm.  There were no trees that I know of, it was pretty sparse as prairie land goes.

Above is a picture of sweet peas which is a traditional farmyard flower to have.  I would also like to have hollyhocks but do not have time to turn over the soil and free it from the deeply entrenched weeds.  I was happy to have put in 35 hostas from my sisters and about 30 irises I got from my Mom.  I also put into the ground the larkspur.  There’s a lot to keeping up a Century Farm…I mowed the lawn tonight and picked raspberries AND found my third shard.  That made my day!

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