Sadness about what media reports can do to people

We went to a wedding of a son of some friends of ours who we know from Ukraine days. We first met them in 1997 and have continued the friendship by letters, visits and e-mail.  They LOVED Ukraine so much that they studied the language and adopted a little girl even though they had three of their own boys (the second son got married today) and one daughter of their own.

The reception was held in an area that was separate and actually on the other end of town that I was familiar with.  I had gone to visit Dr. K. many times at his beautiful home but found on my searching that he had died a year ago.  He was very knowledgeable about Ukraine’s history and very winsome as well. I also found out that my former Ukrainian landlord and landlady are going through their own trials.  She has dementia and he at age 95 is being accused of being a leader of an SS group who massacred people back in Ukraine during WWII.  How preposterous is that?  He is a gentle soul and now the media, through these unfounded reports, are going after him to demoralize a very gentle soul.

I believe already that we live in a very wicked world, it is in a fallen state.  No matter how many laws are passed or how much is done to rectify the problems of this world, it always gets back to how greedy and malicious people are.  What is the point of victimizing this old man without any solid proof that he actually did what they accuse him of.  Why have the authorities going after him now?  To demoralize his more outspoken son?

I’m sad over this whole affair, what kind of lies are being repeated in Kazakhstan?  The enemy perpetuates these half truths or lies to further his agenda.  However, I know God and HIS truth are more powerful than all these lies put together.

Need some very good news about now.  At the wedding I heard about gas lighting which is an affliction of using manipulation to victimize people.  That is a small dose of that compared to what has happened to my former landlord.

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