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Been awhile, been busy at the Carnegie

Carnegie frontSometimes life goes on and other times it rushes past. I have neglected this site because there has been so much activity at the former Carnegie library and our county museum.  I have had GREAT volunteers who I have brought in to help with sorting through books and cataloging about 1,000 pieces of 1960s and 1970s clothes that have been stored.  We have discovered some GREAT vintage clothes in the ten jam packed closets. Both jobs with books and clothes are no small tasks.

The picture below is of our university intern. He is shown with one of the 45 WWII posters that we found in the stack of books. So far I have put under frame and glass about 6-7 of these posters. We have discovered some other great things as well.  Who will value them? We hope to have a sale of the 250 things I have put under glass when we open the Carnegie up in mid-August.

If I were to count all the different things I have done in the last month and a half, it would be a long list.  People who do not do anything are the ones who seem to kick up the most fuss.  I have to be patient with them. Life goes on and volunteers are important. I have been volunteering many, many hours at the museum and Carnegie. I should add these hours up to see what it would all be worth to the rest of the members on the board.



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