Fox, Full Moon and work at the museum





Yesterday was quite a day, it meant that I saw a baby fox not once but twice. Once in the morning close to our house and then once in the evening when I was closing up, it was close to our barn.  I was told by our neighbor that her husband has seen FIVE baby foxes in our woods so we have a den of foxes and I’m fine with that.  I hope they take care of our gopher population and any squirrels that are around.  We also have had 13 stripe ground squirrels so I hope that is good riddance to them.  Also, I saw a small bunny on our front porch so I suspect that the fox will be after that too.  I’m not sure if we should feed it our scraps to encourage it to stay around.  Hopefully it will find enough food to maintain a good diet.  I DID see that there were two little song birds together that were chewed at and I couldn’t figure out how that happened.  Now I know, it was the foxes having their meal.

What a busy day at the museum today, lots of talking with people and working together on the displays. No visitors came but we were ready for anyone. I was framing pictures.  I hope that people come during Ox Cart Days to bid on the pictures I have framed, about 250 of them so far. We are learning and experimenting with what we know to do for a fundraiser.  We have to communicate with people about our need for finances to keep our outfit running.  I pray that the members of the board see fit to work alongside and be a part of this instead of being bystanders and watching other people work.

Well, I’m tired and tomorrow will prove to be another day of work.  For now I am happy to see the full moon in the sky but it has rained and is overcast for now. I’m glad for the rain, our gardens need the extra moisture.



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