Should be weeding the gardens or cleaning house

Yes, it is that time again to delay the inevitable…we have many gardens that need tending and the weeds just grow bigger by the hour if I don’t do it. The lawn will need cutting soon and also the plum trees are blooming like never before. Even in our ditches we know that plum trees that are growing wild are blooming…we didn’t know they were there before.  Such a dry spring and an early one at that.  Well, I hope to have a GREAT harvest of plums when the time comes…I’ll give away what we have by having people come out to pick their own.

The semester is done, I just have to submit the grades for my 29 students, some failed but most of them got As and many Bs. These students worked hard and I am proud of them.  In fact some got published in our local newspaper for the last five weeks, next week will be the last story about their grandparents that they wrote for my first assignment back in January.

There is the house to clean which is always true but I have to find some pictures that belong to a man who asked for them back. Uffda, I put them in a safe place so now I have to retrieve them wherever THAT is!  I have to make sense of all the history things that I have made photo copies of or have gotten copies from the Carnegie or museum.  I have to start a filing system so I can go to an article of interest and not have to go through piles of STUFF to get to what I need.  I’m glad I have a summer vacation.

Well, whatever you call a vacation, I will have a summer intern working with us and that means I have to be one step ahead of him with things for him to do in the 25 hours that he is working for us from May 15-Aug. 15th.  The board of directors met him last night and I think he left a good impression with all of them.

So, besides outdoor chores and indoor tasks, there is always the Carnegie to get straightened out before Ox Cart Days in August.  We have painting of out buildings here on the farm before our Century Farm celebration.  IN the meantime also, I want to find out more about my Dad’s grandfather. We don’t know much about him.  I am supplying a photo of what he looked like with his sons, one of them is my grandpa.  They had to work hard but it looks like they enjoyed hunting with their four dogs.

Okay, back to work.1895 ca FRONT Torkel Torkelson_ BACK unknown, unknown, Andre (1)

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