So we finally have spring after May 1st arrival

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI should be grading my students’ final papers because grades will be due for this spring semester by next week.  I have distracted myself with doing everything BUT grading.  It has been a good semester with great students, with a few bumps in the road, but we are ALL glad it is the end of a semester.  I should be out cleaning gardens but instead I have been framing old pictures for our Carnegie building for Ox Cart Days in August.  We had a film crew come yesterday from the Twin Cities to videotape what we are doing in Crookston.  The Carnegie and our museum was chosen to be in a 7 minute spot.

So, the time goes quickly when you are having fun. I hosted my folks to a dinner theater with “The Complete Works of Shakespeare: An Abridged version.”  It was VERY funny!  We have talent at our university with young energy.  Okay, I should move on to other things but I’ll post some photos of our landscape so far. The apricot tree was blooming several days ago, now we have plum trees that are looking glorious. Such is spring!


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