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Winter has arrived…white blanket of snow

Norge Festival of TablesWe all knew in our hearts that our long fall would have to end…I think with the white blanket of snow on the ground from last night, we have winter.  It has arrived to stay for good for the next six months.  Maybe in Kazakhstan it will be longer, it usually is LONG and brutally cold in Astana.  I survived two winters there.  We also had a terrible winter last year and we all shudder to think what it will be like once the cold and the heavier snow sets in.

One of my football player students from Florida or Texas saw some sputtering of snow last week and innocently asked if it was a blizzard.  Us seasoned Minnesotans shook our head and told him…”No, you will know when it is a blizzard…you won’t have to ask anyone.”  We thought to ourselves that he was an innocent southern who is bracing himself for the inevitable.  I feel sorry for my football players from down south.  They’ve been told about our harsh winters but until you have gone through it and have the proper attire to help you get through the long months of Feb. March and April then you can be an expert on winter.

I was happy to look through my schedule and realize I only have two weeks of REAL teaching left to do but then I will have Thanksgiving break to grade 45 papers and hand them back for the students to adjust their papers to the polished version. THEN, comes the fun part to see what was in writing go into a 10 minute powerpoint presentation.  I always like to see what the students do to be creative. These papers are something the students are passionate about and know a LOT about but now they are going to use academic journals to back them up.

Looking forward to the end of the semester as I know the students are too.  Then we will go south to see the grandkids and that is the part I really look ahead to.  They grow so fast and we only get to see them once a year.  We are grateful that we can still go to see them.  I’m also thinking about what is happening in Ukraine, things are heating up there. Nothing is “normal” any more in eastern Ukraine.  I have many friends in western Ukraine, so we are watching the war situation very closely.

That’s all the news I have so far.  I went to a nice event yesterday with many tables that had themes.  I will post a photo of the Norwegian table that the ten of us ladies sat at.  There were many nice tables, all to raise money for the hospital.about caterpillars

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