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Eventful week at the home base

When it rains, it pours…as they say. Actually, we could use some rain because the roads are really dusty and the crops could enjoy more moisture. However, I believe this expression fits my living circumstance this past week because both of my parents ended up in the ER on the same day. It was two separate events but it kept us hopping getting one out and admitting another one in. The ER people seemed to not mind the business because the day goes faster when there is activity.

Apparently one guy escaped the police from his emergency room berth while my Mom was in her adjoining room at the hospital. Fortunately, she was discovered earlier by a neighbor in her back yard. She was not feeling well and the neighbor thankfully called the emergency room right away. My mom was zipped off by ambulance to the hospital which is only 5-6 blocks away.

Later that evening, my dad was loading a lawn mower into his van and the board slipped which meant that the mower landed on him and he broke four of his rips. The neighbors saw the aftermath of this accident and immediately went to help him out. That’s my 84 year old dad, he always sees the bright side of things, forever the optimist and so he believes he stands straighter now after having this injury to his ribs. He is also currently on some very powerful meds and so he may not see this as a good thing once he eases off of that and feels the pain again.

The day before her spell, my Mom had carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand. She is so active and such a doer that for her to NOT be doing something is agonizing. She was out picking beans from her vegetable garden and doing general puttering. I have to remind her NOT to use her right hand, at least she doesn’t have the ice pack on anymore.

That is life at our locale, I wish for the humdrum after all this excitment but am glad to be alive. I’m glad my folks are alive as well. It was a good day for my dad…and mom. I’m thankful for my sister who came up with the traveling exhibit load that my Dad and I had intended to get which was four hours away. How good to have a big family. We just celebrated my Mom’s 80th birthday last weekend. They are both going strong still except for this minor bump in the road.

I’m glad they are still alive!

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