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June Busy-Ness and other things of note

Well, I guess we are INTO June already and I haven’t posted anything for about a week. Time to put down my thoughts as they come to me. This was a VERY busy day, I accomplished quite a bit in the morning, went home and had help with picking asparagus and then a meeting tonight with gals, talking over finger food. Yes, a good day but all the people I talked with from different areas of my life means I feel fatigued now. I know I must not overdo it.

I found out more from someone who witnessed the aftermath of my accident over a month ago. I was obviously in shock and wanting to be in control and acted as if nothing was wrong with me. Something was VERY wrong and the others as first responders knew it. Well, without going into detail, I am healing and in recovery but have to go slow physically. That is hard to do because there is SOOOOO much work to do around our place with gardening and weeding. I can mow the lawn, rake the grass clippings but that is about it. I walked a mile the other day on the treadmill, the week before I felt like I had done a marathon with walking a mile on the gravel road in search of asparagus.

The lilacs are blooming, as are all the other trees like plum, chokecherry and apple. Early June is a wonderful time to be outside to enjoy the cooler temps before summer really sets in. As we relish our life, I’m thinking of those in east Ukraine who are fighting for their lives and for their country. I think the Ukrainians from the west are making steady progress but not without cost of human life. I have friends who are helping out with the Ukrainian children who have come to stay with them during this time of chaos.

So many other places in the world do not have the solace and peace we enjoy in our corner of the world. Of course, they have not survived an utterly, horrible winter like we went through with the cold, etc. We complain about it but when June comes we seem to have a memory lapse about what we just endured for six months. I know there are colder places like Astana, Kazakhstan because I have lived there, but survived.

I don’t have much to report, especially about Kazakhstan but I wanted to keep you updated about my doings. I am glad I am alive, I’m finally hearing stories about my accident and it could have been a different ending. My husband is good to me, I’m grateful for him and his patience and understanding. Also, God is good, ALL the time!

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