Two steps forward, three steps back

Being laid up is not my cup of tea…that’s for sure. I have been out of the hospital for over a week but still not enough energy to get gardening or other necessary writing done. I will go to a benefit tomorrow to sell my book, booklet and other things. I will need my husband and my mom’s help to navigate this event. People know about my fall, they don’t know how frustrated I am with myself for not healing faster.

This too shall pass. I have to be patient with myself and the “progress” I am making. Others I saw yesterday were very sympathetic to my plight. However, I feel like for every step I take going forward, I am taking two steps that go backwards. Uffda! That is the frustrating part but I am glad for my family and their patience with me.

No matter where we are at, we should NEVER take our health or our energy level for granted. I did and I am more knowledgeable now. Every breath we breathe is not something to take for every day occurrence. It is a gift. Hopefully my readers know this already without having gone through a fall or some other “accident.”

Be thankful for the steps you are taking forward! Happy Mothers Day a day late!

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