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Victory Day in the former Soviet Union

I guess I could proclaim my own Victory Day after having taken a fall on April 22nd, the day before my hubbie’s birthday. Bad timing. I had all this energy to get things done because there is MUCH to get done and that can all change in the twinkling of an eye. I fell and ended up in ICU for four days and two weeks later, I was released from the hospital. I don’t take my energy level for granted anymore after having been zapped of it. It takes a while to heal and I am still in the recovery mode.

Tomorrow I will be in the graduation exercise and hope I can survive that, the hours of sitting listening to the guest speaker, the other speakers and then watching all the graduates cross the stage. However, I DO need some kind of formal function to go to. I hate sitting at home in bed with nothing to do. Actually, I have plenty to do but not the keenness of spirit or mind to get it done.

I’m glad that the second book is on the conveyor belt now and scheduled to come out on June 16th. That’s just in time for our all school’s reunion at the end of June. We shall see how many people venture to buy this book, similar to the first one I did of my hometown. Now it is about the important people who helped form my town. I think it is really good, I put a LOT of work into it. Eventually, people will see the value of it.

I am celebrating with Ukrainians during this day of Victory which happened many years ago. Things are changing in Ukraine, we are praying for the good of the whole country.

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