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I’m a “Stranger in this world”

I have said this several times to my husband lately, I feel like a “stranger in this world.” Why would that be true? Because the path to destruction is wide but the way of salvation is narrow. If I am getting along with EVERYONE then that means that I am agreeing with what is going on with the righteous AND the evil. Yes, we ARE supposed to be aliens amongst all those who do not believe what we do. There are plenty in the education sphere, they have their own godless agendas.

The recent blow up of a teacher over my feedback letter to a kid is an example of this. She wrote two e-mails to my boss and called me a racist and that I had an agenda to destroy her kids. I was just using the scoring rubric the way I understood it. Whamo, I got knocked off. No more reading and rating of h.s. students essays, I have been asked to leave the organization. I’m okay about it, I am tired of reading essays that are poorly written.

I guess because I have become more picky about my own book, I expect that the vulnerable high school kids will want to get the same kind of feedback that I beg for from my readers. I want a good quality book for readers to read. I know that when my husband works with it, my essays always turn out so much better. So too the teacher should want to get feedback that would reflect on her teaching so she can improve and also in the end to help for the students’ sakes. On the contrary, I apparently do not follow the educational party line and I was a big meany with one or two kids from this particular class. Well, the rest is history.

That is fine, as the war rages in Ukraine, I have been distracted with what is happening to my former students. This is a life and death fight going on. I can’t be too concerned about a kid’s hangnails and other FWP (First World Problems.) with lack of self-esteem. We still live in the best country in the world. I hope they can keep it this way. Yep, I KNOW that even in my own country, I am still an alien in the spiritual sense.

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