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My “Kazakhstan” book will be out soon, check Amazon for details

9781909193239-Perfect V4s.inddI’m excited to announce that “Drinking Camel’s Milk in the Yurt” will be out soon, a gem of a book all about Kazakhstan. There are 22 co-authors and it was compiled by Monica Neboli, the Editor. Summertime Publisher takes the credit for publishing this little volume, the publisher is Jo Parfitt out of the U.K.  I can’t wait to read the other chapters in this book written by ex-pat authors from all over the world who “experienced” Kazakhstan.  Of course, I know what I wrote which seems over a year ago or more but happened even earlier while I was living in Almaty, Kazakhstan. That seems light years ago.

When I know more details about this book, I’ll let my blog readers know.  Much of the traffick that comes on this blog are here for different reasons, following different tags.  Hopefully many people will want to order this book from Amazon or get it electronically for Kindle or Nook once it is off the presses. So few books have been written about this enigmatic country.

I’m happy to also announce that I actually have a second new book coming out.  The other one is about the history of my hometown in Minnesota and is published by Arcadia Publishing out of South Carolina. I was the sole author of this book which is 128 pages and showing off 215 vintage photos with captions. I just did the finishing touches with the proofreader today and so that will roll off the presses by August 5th. Good publishing news!

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